Tibor Duda   

The asay

When I was young, I was very little boy. Never mind. Now I am big. My feet is to big too. I have number 12. And still grows...THATS WHY EVERYONE CALL ME BIGFOOT. My favourite teacher is the teacher of english, Miss ............................ . From my favourite hobbies, I like bunggee jumping, jumping to the snow, many sports (for example chess, fast beer drinking, etc), cycling and computers. My favourite TV-serie is MANUELA. I like it very much. I have seen it already 5 times a day. Often I visit the fittnesscentre. I am doing exercises there. From the deep of my soul I am very romantic man. I like flower power. It is so romantic! Ach! All the morning I play on the guitar romantic songs. They are made at home by myself. My favourite music groups are Kelly Family, Backstreet Boys, Take That, East 17, Caught in the Act, Boyzone, Peter Andre, Mark Owen, Bed & Breakfast, No Mercy, Šmoulove, Scacacacatman John, Dj. Bobo, Whitney Houston, Erasure, Pet Shop Boys, Michael Jackson, New Kids on the Block and naturally Janek Ledecky. They are very nice gays. I love them very much. Good taste. You know... . My favourite magazines are Bravo, Divka, Tabu, Super Tabu, PlayBoy etc. My favourite newspaper are National Obroda and New Time. And my favourite person is Vladko. I am meattarian. I hate vegetarian meal. My lovely movie is Star Trek 1, Star Trek 2, Star Trek 3, Star Trek 4, Star Trek 5, Star Trek 6, Star Trek 7, Star Trek 8, Star Trek 8,5, Star Trek 9, plytky hrob, Show girls, Striptease, Doors and Krtko and car but the best movie is Frosty{Mrazyk}. I love girls. The girl of my dream should have no hair, minimum two legs, small eyes (all 3 functional) and hands. She should be beautiful. And here comes it, the final point of this literary master work. The question of a sense of a work of a writer. EVERYONE CAN WRITE BUT WHO SHOULD READ IT???? BETTER I STOP DOING IT.

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